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April 8th, 2008

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I never thought I could solve this excess hair problem without taking out a loan, or repeatedly paying for an expert cosmetic to perform this procure on me, I was also very shy about the whole thing and usually found that I preferred not to ask for help or info, this was simply too embarrassing to talk about... this was the perfect solution, a fast delivery electronic guide that provided all the info, chapter by chapter, the only thing I am sorry for is that I didn't find your guide sooner...

Julia. Halftner

Akron, OHIO

... This was truly a revelation to me, after YEARS of spending my time and money of solutions that didn't work... I finally found the answers to the things that bothered me, not only did it help me sort out my own issues, I also had some introspect into the whole hair removal process, and now I am using the information that I learned from this guide for other things.

Thank you for this wonderful guide!

T. Richerdson


Its a while now that I wanted to know the best way to get rid of excess hair in my lower abdomen area but always thought it would be impossible to cure because I didn't have enough money to fund the expensive treatments, I also had some fears about using some of the more traditional hair removal techniques because I didn't know if they were safe or now....

This guide has finally given direct, simple answers to my questions and, after a long time of doubts and fears, had given me the information I needed to do what I wanted by myself, without going into complicated procedures and spending a lot of money.

The best thing about your guide is that it gives a balanced view of all the possibilities out there, so its left to the reader to decide what they want, I know I have found the methods I want to use, and have been doing so with great success since I read your guide.

Many thanks!
Kind regards,

M. Poltern

New Yok


I was blown away from the information you gave me in this phenomenal book! I started treating myself right away, and with the help of my partner was hair free in minutes! Now I got to thank you not only for helping me out, but also my partner started using your methods.
Andy G.
Essex, UK

You too can achieve the same great hair removal results – just take a look at how much you’ll learn with this e-book!

As soon as we found the hair removal specialists, we literally bombarded them with a million and one questions to get from them those amazing, hair free success tips!

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Hair Free and Loving It” spills the beans on:

Depilatory Creams
Laser Treatments

hair removal guide


Get your hands on “The Ultimate Hair Removal Guide” and you will discover

  • The science of body hair and skin: Once you understand the relationship between the skin and body hair, you can understand how to effectively remove hair and minimize problems such as pimples and infections.

  • How to effectively remove hair from the genital and anal areas: It’s a fact that a smooth, hair free genital and anal area adds to sexual desirability and pleasure. It also goes a long way in eradicating bad odors that come from those areas. In this chapter you will learn how to effectively remove hair from these difficult areas by shaving and waxing – and enjoy the many benefits of being hair free in these areas!

  • How to effectively remove hair from the legs and arms: Women love the feel of hair free arms and legs – and some men love to achieve this result for themselves too! Although it is much easier to remove hair from this regions, as opposed to the pubic region, there are steps you must take to ensure that the hair removal process is effective and without pain or irritation. In this section of the e-book you’ll learn how to remove leg and arm hair by shaving, waxing and using depilatory creams. You will also learn how to minimize the appearance of hair through bleaching.

  • How to effectively remove hair from the chest, back and armpits: It’s standard practice for women to remove hair from these areas, and for men, there is a greater demand for hair free chests and backs. Truth of the matter is it can be painful and ineffective if you don’t know what you’re doing. By the time you have finished this chapter, you’ll know how to be hair free in these areas by shaving, waxing and using depilatory creams.

  • How to effectively remove hair from the face, neck and scalp: This section applies more to guys than girls, however the eyebrow tips definitely apply to girls as well. This chapter outlines the top ways to remove face, neck and scalp hair via shaving, waxing, depilatory creams. A section is also dedicated to bleaching and helping you minimize the appearance of hair in these areas.

  • How to tackle skin problems associated with hair removal: Unfortunately, many of us develop skin problems such as ingrown hairs and folliculitis as a result of hair removal treatments. These conditions are inconvenient to say the least, however they can be avoided by taking a few simple precautions. A number of pain minimization tips are also included in this section. All the tips to help you keep irritations and pain at bay are outlined in this chapter!

  • How a dermatologist can help you: Some of us are prone to infections and other skin problems associated with hair removal. In this chapter you will discover how a dermatologist can help you achieve perfect skin – albeit hair-free skin – again!

  • How hair can be removed via laser treatments: This is the permanent way to remove hair from your body, and today it is fast growing in popularity. In this chapter, you will get a great overview of the laser treatment process and how it can really change your life!



Put simply “The Ultimate Hair Removal Guide” will take the sting, the pain and itchiness out of hair removal!

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